“Wholeness” Video Discussion Guide

  • Icebreaker question – What examples of fragmentation in our world can you think of?
  1. The video begins with “What does Wholeness mean to you?” Take a moment and share with the others in the room how you understand “wholeness.”
  2. “Wholeness is … celebrating the dignity and diversity of difference – not tolerating, but embracing difference.” These are the hopeful words of Alvin Jackson, highlighting the beauty and challenge to wholeness. Where do you see moments of dignity and diversity within your congregation?
  3. What are the challenges to wholeness you see within our church?
  4. While we live to become whole people, a whole church, Michael Karunas reminds us that wholeness is a process. How is God calling you and your church into greater wholeness?
  5. Molly Goodrich shared many images and stories of wholeness. What’s your wholeness story?

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“Wholeness” Worship Resources

Identity Worship Materials: Wholeness (2014)

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