The Stone-Campbell Dialogue brings together the three streams of the Restoration Movement that tie their origins to Thomas and Alexander Campbell and Barton Warren Stone. These three are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Churches of Christ, and Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Begun in 1999, the Dialogue is an effort to bring healing and understanding to the rifts between our families. The goal is “to develop relationships and trust within the three streams of the Stone-Campbell Movement through worship and through charitable and frank dialogue “that the world may believe.”



  • “Stone Campbell” Brochure Download
  • “Stone Campbell” Study Guide Download


Summary of Dialogue Meetings: 1999-2016

Members of the Dialogue

  • Disciples of Christ: Ron Degges, Julia Brown Karimu, Andy Mangum, Bob Riester, Robert Welsh, D. Newell Williams
  • Churches of Christ: Albert Acosta, Doug Foster, Claire Frederick, Gary Holloway, D’Esta Love, Kavian McMillon, Jerry Taylor
  • Christian Churches/Churches of Christ: Bill Baker, Paul Blowers, Alicia Crumpton, Karen Diefendorf, Terry O’Casey, Robert Rea, Mark Taylor, Guthrie Veech


The following documents produced for and by the members of the dialogue and are provided for the encouragement of dialogue in your area. The documents are also available in print as the October 2001 issue of Mid-Stream: The Ecumenical Movement Today.


Twenty-First Session, May 15-16, 2016, Lexington, KY

Twentieth Session, November 14-15, 2015, Baltimore, MD

  • News release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Addresses Race and Racism in the Church and Society, Read
  • D. Newell Williams: Purpose of the Meeting Read
  • D. Newell Williams: Sermon, “The Grace You Have Been Given” at Christian Temple Sunday Worship Service Read

Nineteenth Session, October 7-8, 2014, Abilene, TX

  • News release: “Dialogue Explores New Church Development in a Changing Context” Download
  • D. Newell Williams: “How It All Began: The First Seven Years of the Stone-Campbell Dialogue” Download
  • Doug Foster: “Looking to the Future” Download

Eighteenth Session, October 6-8, 2013, Indianapolis, IN

  • News release: “Healing and ‘Soul Repair’ Focus of Stone-Campbell Dialogue” Download
  • Diane Spleth: “The Healing Power of the Lord’s Supper in the Church” Download
  • Kent Ellett: “Personal Integration as Eucharistic Homecoming” Download

Seventeenth Session, November 9-12, 2012, Grand Prairie, TX

  • News story on meeting by Mark Taylor, “What’s the point of pursuing unity?” Read

Sixteeth Session, November 5-8, 2011, Albuguerque, NM

  • News release: The Role of the Holy Spirit and Christian Unity Download
  • John Mark Hicks: The Holy Spirit and Unity Download
  • Andy Mangum: A Disciples Response to John Mark Hicks Download

Fifteenth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, November 7-8, 2010, Johnson City, TN

  • News Release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Continues Progress toward Unity

Fourteenth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, Novemeber 1-3, 2009, Lexington, KY

  • News Release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Launches New Phase Download
  • Karen Diefendorf: Communion Meditation Download
  • Rick Hunter: Invitation to Communion Download
  • Mark Taylor: Personal Statement of Hope for our Dialogue Download

Thirteenth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, March 29-31, 2009, Cincinnati, OH

  • Plans for the Future of the Dialogue 2009-2014 Download
  • Jim North: Highlights of the 10 years of Dialogue Download
  • Newell Williams: Reflections on 10 Years of Stone-Campbell Dialogue Download
  • Carol Gafford: How do Churches of Christ understand the Declaration and Address today? Download
  • Peter Morgan: Disciples and the Declaration and Address Today Download
  • Jerry Taylor: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Reflections Download

Twelfth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2008, St. Louis, MO

  • News Release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Addresses Issues of Global Mission
  • David Vargas (Division of Overseas Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) Disciples Engagement in God’s Mission Download
  • Doug Priest (Christian Missionary Fellowship, Indianapolis, IN) Missions Mid-Stream Download
  • Monte Cox (Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas) Missions in the Churches of Christ: Trends in Theology and Strategy Download
  • Robert Wetzel (Emmanuel School of Religion, Johnson City, TN) One in Christ: Can the Center Hold? Read

Eleventh Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2007, Austin, TX

  • John Mark Hicks (Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN) Churches of Christ and the Lord’s Supper: Twentieth Century Perspectives Read
  • James O. Duke (Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX) Disciples and the Lord’s Supper Read
  • Paul Blowers (Emmanuel School of Religion, Johnson City, TN) Spiritually Feeding, Mutually Indwelling Download

Tenth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2006, Nashville, TN

  • News Release:Stone Campbell Dialogue Helps Break Down Wall Read
  • Gary Holloway (Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN) The Current State of Hermeneutics in Churches of Christ Read
  • Stone-Campbell Dialogue Affirmations on Scripture Read

Ninth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2005, Dallas, TX

  • News Release: Stone Campbell Dialogue Finds Common Ground on Scriptural Interpretation Read
  • M. Eugene Boring (Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX) How Disciples Interpret the Bible Read

Eighth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2004, Indianapolis, IN

  • News Release: Stone Campbell Dialogue Calls for Great Communion Celebration in 2009 Read
  • Douglas A. Foster (Abilene Christian University, Abiline, TX) The Nature of Christian Unity: Historical Understandings of Churches of Christ Read
  • John Mills (Remsen Christian Church, Brunswick, OH) Models of Unity – What Model of Unity Should We Accept? Read
  • Robert K. Welsh (Council on Christian Unity, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) Models of Unity – A Changing Landscape Read

Seventh Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2003, Atlanta, GA

  • Theme: “The Authority of Scripture and How We Use Scripture” with brief presentations from members of each of the three streams. Work commenced on the Stone-Campbell Study Guide.

Sixth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, June 2002

  • News Release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Expands to Local Areas

Fifth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, December 2001

  • News Release: Stone-Campbell Dialogue Plans Expansion

Fourth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, August 2001

  • News Release: Highlights of Fourth Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session
  • James B. North (Cincinatti Christian University, Cincinatti, OH) Christian Unity Read
  • D. Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX) Our Unity in Christ: From Cane Ridge to Kansas City Read
  • Michael C. Armour (Skillman, Dallas, TX) Unity in the Churches of Christ: An Historical Perspective Read

Third Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session, November 2000, Cincinati, OH

  • News Release: Highlights of Third Stone-Campbell Dialogue Session
  • Richard L. Hamm (Former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) The Disciples of Christ Church Structure Read
  • Douglas Foster (Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX) Response to ‘The Disciples of Christ Church Structure’ Read
  • Paul Blowers (Emmaunel School of Religion, Johnson City, TN) A Response to Dr. Hamm’s Paper on Disciples Polity Read
  • Henry Webb (Milligan College, Johnson City, TN) Baptism, an Issue Among Disciples Read
  • Robert Welsh (Council on Christian Unity, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) Disciples Response to ‘Baptism, an Issue Among Disciples’ Read
  • Phillip Morrison (Wineskins magazine, Nashville, TN) Baptism and Membership, in Response to Henry Webb’s Paper Read
  • Michael Armour (Skillman, Dallas, TX) Women and Leadership in Churches of Christ Read
  • Sharon Watkins (General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Women and Leadership in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Read
  • Susan G. Higgins (Milligan College, Johnson City, TN) Response to Michael Armour’s ‘Women and Leadership in Churches of Christ’ Read

Second Session, Stone-Campbell Dialogue, June 2000, Nashville, TN

  • News release: Developments in the Dialogue, Second Session
  • Confession of Sin and Affirmation of Faith, a Joint Statement Read
  • Peter Morgan (President Emeritas of the Disciples Historical Society) Disciples Statement Celebrating Points of Consensus Read

First Session, Stone-Campbell Dialogue, December 1999, Indianapolis, IN

  • News release: Describing the Dialogue
  • Douglas Foster (Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX) What We Might Have Done Differently In the Past Read
  • D. Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX) What We Might Have Done Differently in the Past Read
  • Henry Webb (Milligan College, Johnson City, TN) What Could We Have Done Differently?—1926-1946 Read