Building A Community; Seeking Justice; Living in Faith


Our Calling

Manifesting God-Given Unity


Our Mission

The mission of the Christian Unity and Interfaith Ministry (CUIM) is to embody the Disciples vision of unity and collaborate with ecumenical and interfaith partners to create a more just and peaceful world.


Our Missional Mandates

Being committed to the Sacramental Vision of Unity

We are called to pursue full eucharistic participation with all Christians. The Disciples of Christ believe that Christian unity begins at the Lord’s Table, where we are nourished by the love of God in Jesus Christ and through that love are made one with one another and with the Church Universal. All sincere Christians are invited to the Table by Christ himself and are formed and transformed by participating in the sacrament. There should be no barrier for all Christians to gather at the Table.


Becoming a Just Peace-Making Church

We are called to be a just peace-making church, with the understanding that this commitment represents an essential mark of our life and mission as a church, as the Disciples of Christ seek to live out our witness to God’s gift of peace and reconciliation in Jesus Christ and God’s call to justice in a broken world.


We are…
Seeking Peace in the Community
Seeking Peace with the Earth
Seeking Peace in the Marketplace
Seeking Peace among Peoples


Building a Community in a Multi-Religious World

We are called to build a community with one another regardless of faiths and religious traditions by inviting everyone to certain places of life. As we come together, we bring our gifts, as other people of faith bring their gifts, and by sharing these gifts, we build a better community and a better world.

Our Missional Marks

Full visible unity of God’s one Church to the world
A just and peaceful world for all people and creation
One human community with shared gifts to one another