“Movement” Video Discussion Guide

  • Icebreaker question – “How long have you been a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?”
  1. Which description of “movement” rang true for you? What words were the most surprising?
  2. As Disciples of Christ, we strive to follow Christ. Cathy Hubbard understood the life of the disciples as a journey of change. What changes have occurred because of the church? What changes is God calling this movement to create?
  3. Michael Swartzentruber states a movement as being risky, bold, and creative. How does our church live out this understanding? Where are places where we could live this out more fully?
  4. “Syncopated with heaven!” Christal Williams offers us a vivid metaphor of “movement.” Where is our church in sync as we move together? Where might we need to find more syncopation together?

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“Movement” Worship Resources

Identity Worship Materials: Movement (2014)

Sample Sermons

    •  Movement – by Rev. Kory Wilcoxson (Matthew 28:16-20)
    •  Movement – by Rev. Melanie Harrell Delaney (Matthew 28: 16-20)