Peace in the marketplace is nurtured by creating “economies of life”. Their essential foundations are equitable socio-economic relationships, respect for workers rights, the just sharing and sustainable use of resources, healthy and affordable food for all, and broad participation in economic decision-making.

World Council of Churches, An Ecumenical Call to Just Peace, page 13

Ecumenical Poverty Initiative

Ecumenical-Poverty-InitiativeThe Ecumenical Poverty Initiative began as a ministry of the National Council of Churches USA and in July 2013 moved under the sponsorship of the Disciples Center for Public Witness. The Initiative continues to bring together national religious denominations as well as state ecumenical agencies and other religious organizations in the ministry to address poverty. For more information, click here.


Circle of Protection


In late 2010, the newly elected Congress was focusing on deficit reduction. It became clear that it might disproportionately cut programs vital to hungry and poor people. Had those cuts been enacted, each of the country’s 350,000 religious congregations would have had to spend $50,000 annually just to make up for the proposed cuts in nutrition programs. Representatives of very diverse Christian groups had several meetings to decide how to react. They developed a set of principles that were endorsed by over 65 national Christian leaders. For more information, click here.