A Disciples of Christ Scholar at the Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey of the World Council of Churches

On behalf of the Disciples of Christ, the Christian Unity and Interfaith Ministry (CUIM) has helped many Disciples of Christ students study at the Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey for more than 3 decades. As a church born out of a Christian unity movement, we have deeply concerned about raising the next generation of ecumenists in the church, and thanks to the generous hearts of many Disciples and particularly, Rev. Howard and Ms. Darlene Goodrich,  the Christian Unity and Interfaith Ministry has provided scholarships to many Disciples students. We offer a full-tuition and room and board scholarship to a Disciples of Christ student, typically every other year.

The Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey is an international center for encounter, dialogue, and ecumenical formation. Founded in 1946, the Institute brings together people from diverse churches, cultures, and backgrounds for ecumenical learning, academic study, and personal exchange. It focuses on the education and formation of young emerging ecumenical leaders. The Institute is attached to the University of Geneva. To learn more about this institute, visit the website of the Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey.

This scholarship to assist with study costs at the Ecumenical Institute are awarded according to the following criteria:

  • The scholarship is awarded to a Disciples student in financial need.
  • The scholarship is granted in priority to an academically promising student aged 22-30 years.

The scholarship is awarded only for the following two programs:

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Ecumenical Studies [autumn semester (September-January) of any given academic year]
  • Complimentary Certificate in Ecumenical Studies [autumn semester (September-January) of any given academic year]

Please note that this scholarship program doesn’t cover any cost below:

  • Travel expenses to and from the Ecumenical Institute (located in Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland near Geneva)
  • Personal travel-related expenses (such as passport, visas, vaccination, any Covid-19 pandemic-related tests/medical certificates/other required processes to travel, travel insurance, etc.) are the responsibility of the admitted student
  • Board and lodging expenses en route or at the Ecumenical Institute before and after the study program’s official dates are the admitted student’s responsibility.

Our hope is that the student who receives the scholars from the CUIM can find additional resources to cover the travel to Geneva and incidental expenses.

Applying Process

  • The application process for this CUIM scholarship takes place before filling out forms for Bossey as identified on its website. So please go to the website of Bossey and download its application forms. Then complete the application forms to be sent or emailed to the office of the CUIM (rather than Bossey).  You should plan to have materials into the CUIM office no later than mid-October for the coming academic year, which typically begins in September. For example, if you apply for the 2022 academic year program, your materials should be in by mid-October of 2021.
  • The board of the CUIM will make a decision on our “Disciples of Christ Bossey Scholar” in early November.
  • If you are accepted into this scholarship program, the same application forms and materials can be sent to Bossey for their action in accepting students for the coming academic year.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the CUIM using the contact form.