From our earliest beginnings, Disciples of Christ have pursued a vision of Christian unity that has always included a passion and commitment to seeking God’s peace and justice for all.  The major mission focus of the Council on Christian Unity is to make this vision a reality both within the church and in our society and world. 

Seeking Peace in the Community . . .

so that all may live free from fear (Micah 4:3-4);
To seek to build cultures of peace where prejudice, racism, domestic violence and
abuse are addressed and where all can live safely and feel protected;

Seeking Peace with the Earth . . .

so that life is sustained (Romans 8:20-22)
To care for God’s precious gift of creation and to strive for ecological justice;

Seeking Peace in the Marketplace . . .

so that all may live with dignity (Isaiah 65:17-23);
To work for equitable and just sharing of resources and to address over-consumption
greed, and the unjust economic distribution of wealth;

Seeking Peace among the Peoples . . .

so that human lives are protected (Matt. 5:43-44).
To break the spirit and logic of violence that is deeply rooted in human history, to
work to end all war and the proliferation of weapons, and to build trust with peoples
of other faiths and religions.