“Denominational Polity from a Disciples Perspective” written by Rev. Dr. Richard Hamm, former General Minister and President of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, offers a compelling exploration into the evolution and current practices of church governance within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Tracing its origins to the early 19th century’s Stone-Campbell Movement, which was also identified as Restoration Movement, the book delves into the founders’ quest to transcend denominational divides and restore a “Biblical” Christianity. It examines how these early reformers, reacting against the Presbyterian tradition, envisioned a unified church grounded in New Testament practices rather than institutional decrees. The narrative then transitions into a detailed examination of the Disciples’ polity, highlighting its congregational nature while acknowledging the influences of ecumenical models. The book navigates through the complexities of modern church governance, the nuanced understanding of power and authority within the church, and the challenges of maintaining a movement’s spirit in a denomination. This work is an essential read for those interested in the intricate balance between tradition and reform in church governance, offering insights into how the Disciples of Christ navigate their unique path in the contemporary religious landscape.