Rev. Paul Tché’s report to the Board of Directors of the Christian Unity and Interfaith Ministry (CUIM) and the whole church is now available. This report includes Rev. Tché’s reflections on the pandemic, the importance of interreligious engagements of the ecumenical community, and what should be the core of the Disciples of Christ as a faith community, along with reports on key activities of the CUIM throughout the year.

The pandemic has prompted the ecumenical and interreligious communities at the national and global levels to become more attentive to what happens at the regional and local levels. The local and regional communities have collaborated more to tend those who are more affected by the pandemic, and more local initiatives have been organized to help care for those in need. The decentralized collaborations among ecumenical and interfaith communities have offered us new insights about the future of ecumenism and interfaith engagements. Although we recognize our ecumenical and interfaith activities may be fragile during any human crisis, we are cautiously hopeful that we will always find new directions and new ways to be engaged with one another.