The Vision of Christian Unity: A Life Given to the Ecumenical Quest
– Essays in Honor of Paul A. Crow, JR.

This book is a labor of love by some thirty persons in honor of the life and witness of Dr. Paul A. Crow, Jr. Included in this volume are essays by leading ecumenical leaders from around the world along with personal tributes by key international figures from the religious and academic fields.

Among the contributors to this book are:
The Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I of Constantinople;
Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Alexy II;
Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy;
Richard Hamm;
Konrad Raiser;
Archbishop Desmond Tutu;
Joan Brown Campbell;
Archbishop of Turku and Finland, John Vikstrom;
Thomas Best; Emilio Castro;
Fred Craddock;
Michael Kinnamon;
Mary Tanner;
Jean-Marie Tillard;
Peggy Way;
Hans-Ruedi Weber

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