The Shoulder to Shoulder campaign, of which we are a member organization, is part of the national Refugees Welcome initiative. As part of this, we are seeking communities and individuals across the country to collaborate in hosting Refugee Welcome Dinners, especially during the month of June. Want to get involved? Let us know here. There are great guidance resources here, and there will be a national grassroots launch call explaining the initiative on Thursday, May 12 at 4 pm ET, which anyone can sign up for here.

Additionally, Ramadan will soon be upon us (June 6), and Shoulder to Shoulder is using the Se7enFast platform to help communities plan, locate, and share interfaith Iftars. Already have one planned that is open to public participation? Register it here. Or, you can plan one, and Shoulder to Shoulder is glad to support you in those efforts if needed. These are a great opportunity to encourage our friends and faith-partners to build relationships with local Muslims, and they don’t need to be large formal events! We have attached to this message an “Interfaith Iftar Guide,” which helps outline the various elements that come into play for an Iftar, which can be held in a private home, a church, a community center, an Islamic Center, or really anywhere there’s space for eating and prayer.

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