Disciples Zoom Gathering

Interfaith Communities in Crisis: Navigating the Impacts of the Gaza Conflict

Monday, April 8, 2024, 6 pm EDT / 3 pm PDT

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Join Us for a Vital Discussion on the Impact of the Gaza Conflict on Interfaith Communities

In the shadow of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the Disciples CUIM invites Disciples pastors and leaders to a special session dedicated to exploring the profound effects of this crisis on our cherished interfaith communities. This is a unique opportunity to come together, share experiences, and discover solace and strategies amidst these challenging times.

Highlights of the Session:

  • Opening insights from Rev. Paul Tche, President of the CUIM, and Dr. Makari, Global Relations Minister for the MiddleEast and Europe at the Global Ministries, on the strains within national interfaith dialogues.
  • Small group discussions for a meaningful exchange of experiences and coping strategies.
  • A platform for expressing diverse viewpoints in a respectful and considerate environment.

Whether you have built bridges with other faiths over the years or are navigating the recent strains in interfaith dialogue, this session aims to foster understanding, offer support, and encourage a collective way forward.

Don’t miss this chance to engage, learn, and contribute to a pivotal conversation. Together, we can navigate the complexities of this moment and strengthen our interfaith commitments.

Your voice is essential. Join us.

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